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Through a focus on sustainable livelihoods, Teranga’s investment in corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives has helped to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with its local communities, and the regional and local levels of government, to generate significant positive spin-offs for the local and regional population in terms agriculture/food security, youth education/training, health care, and long-term employment. These partnerships have been the principal force towards the achievement of Teranga’s local and regional development objectives, and its ability to develop a sustainable social license in the countries in which it seeks to gain a larger footprint. 

Mining Responsibly

Our Mission

Developing a mining project in a remote area is a very sensitive undertaking which can have a long-lasting impact on the life and livelihood of communities. It implies impacting the environment or the community (through resettlement for instance) and can completely transform the local environment. This can also be a tremendous opportunity to boost the socio-economic development of a whole community, if done properly. 

At Teranga, we believe that our main responsibility is to minimize our impacts on the environment and our host communities and to ensure that, through proper engagement and consultation, we implement mitigation measures that are relevant to the specific context and environment and to the affected communities’ needs. This principle applies at every stage of our operations: during exploration, project design and development, project construction, exploitation, closure and rehabilitation.

Teranga’s mission is to create value for all of our stakeholders through responsible mining. Management strives to act as a responsible corporate citizen by building projects together with the communities near our operations and by committing to using best available techniques as we carry out our actions. We aim to achieve benefits for all parties involved and to contribute to the sustainability and improved livelihoods for the communities in which we operate. Mining responsibly defines who we are as a company and drives our way of doing business.

Our Approach

As a corporate citizen, our duties are to limit and mitigate our impacts on the community and the environment by striving for zero harm to our people and to our ecosystems. Above this, we work hard to share the benefits of our mining activities with our local and regional stakeholders by developing impactful partnerships with our host communities to advance their immediate and longer-term needs.
Achieving our goals requires adherence to our own rigorous corporate governance standards and complying with relevant national and international law. Furthermore, we believe that to achieve our goals, we must support our employees in their personal and professional development and allow them to share the benefits.


Contributing to Sustainable Development

Our long-term vision, to become a preeminent mid-tier gold producer in Senegal and greater West Africa, depends on our ability to earn our social license to operate through the management of sustainability risks and challenges. To achieve this,  we strive to conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We place a priority on developing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with host governments and communities, while working to minimize and mitigate the social and environmental impacts of our activities. There is no question that the success of our business is tied to the long-term success and stability of our host communities and to our reputation as a responsible partner in resource development.

CSR Management

Teranga has implemented a comprehensive governance structure to support its ambitious CSR strategy. At each level of the company, governance and community channels are in place to ensure that CSR matters are properly addressed and remain a priority. 

To emphasize our CSR commitment at the board level, we established a CSR Board Committee in 2014 that solely focuses on this aspect of our business. At the management level, the CSR management committee is the main chanel for addressing CSR matters and includes representation from key departments across the organization. Chaired by the CEO, this committee gathers the different departments involved in the management of our CSR strategy in order to work through our priorities, opportunities and any challenges that may arise. The primary governance channel is a weekly CSR conference call with various heads of department and individuals, ranging from the CEO to the CSR team on-site. This weekly meeting maintains continuous monitoring of CSR projects, on-going dialogue on mining responsibly, and helps foster a culture of responsibility from the top down.   



CSR Awards

Teranga was recognized in 2016 with International Awards for CSR Performance

  • United Nations Global Compact Network Canada Sustainability Award
  • Corporate Knights Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada
  • Capital Finance International: Best ESG-Responsible Mining Management West Africa Award
  • Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada 2017 Environmental & Social Responsibility Award



2016 Overview

2016 was a very busy and successful year for Teranga. From a single asset focused on Senegal, we grew to become an emerging mid-tier gold producer in West Africa, with presence in two new mining jurisdictions in West Africa: Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. We achieved this growth thanks in part to our track record of responsible mining and the trust that it inspires for our stakeholders. Our continued growth benefits all our stakeholders and increases our scale of sharing the benefits of responsible mining.

We are very proud to report that in 2016 our CSR efforts were recognized at the international level, with four prestigious awards from the Global Compact Network Canada, CFI.co, the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada and the Corporate Knights Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders (as detailed on the back cover). These awards and recognition mark an important milestone in the maturity of our CSR programs and encourage us to continue to make a strong impact within our communities. 

We continue our journey of responsible mining by offering high-quality skills development programs to our employees, and by implementing impactful partnerships through our community investment programs. Among these programs, the Gora Fund, put in place to support the communities affected by the Gora project, is one of our finest accomplishments, fostering a long-lasting partnership with the communities based on trust. Our local procurement pilot program was also very successful in 2016, training dozens of entrepreneurs to leverage their trade into businesses in the Kédougou Region. 

Our growth strategy as a company does not mean that our focus and priorities are changing. We continue to believe that our success is tied to the success and long-term stability of our host communities and our reputation as a responsible partner in sustainable resource development. As we continue to grow, we will face even more challenges to earn and maintain our social license to operate, but regardless of what country we operate in, our primary focus remains supporting the long-term sustainable socio-economic development of the regions in which we operate, and ensuring that local communities are “better off” after we leave than before we came. 

-Alan R. Hill, Chairman 
-Richard Young, President & CEO


CSR Management
CSR Management


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