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A safe work environment, and a focus on promoting and developing our employees.

People are at the heart of Teranga. We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all our employees, and we are putting an emphasis on recruiting, training and promoting local employees within the regions in which we operate. Our main focus is on providing the opportunity for our employees to grow with the Company and into their roles and to develop a long-term career plan with Teranga Gold.

Our People


We are committed to:

  • Building a workplace culture and environment that equips our people to develop to their potential and to perform by meeting and surpassing operational goals; we endeavor to foster an environment of accountability as well  as a commitment to a common vision and common  goals while maintaining and exceeding safety standards
  • Implementing the best human resources practices in the hiring, development and management of our workforce. Our hiring and employment practices are based on skills, experience and learning ability without discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, politics or religion
  • Building strong and positive relationships with our employees
  • Providing skill and career development to our employees to equip them in their roles and to develop and prepare them for career advancement opportunities; we are committed to the continued employment of local employees especially into positions of increased responsibility
  • Supporting the local development of mining labour skills
  • We are working at developing partnerships with various institutions to provide relevant education and training opportunities for the future employees of the mining industry
  • Prioritizing employment opportunities for local and regional communities when feasible 

Human Resource Management

We aim to provide stable employment conditions to our employees whenever possible. One of our key objectives is to provide maximum employment opportunities to local employees as well as to provide them with clear pathways for career advancement and personal development. 

Learning & Development

Training and development is critical to the advancement of employee skills. In recent years, we have put an emphasis on establishing additional training programs as well as increasing the amount of training available to our employees.  

Teranga continues to strengthen partnerships with specific vocational schools and higher learning institutes within Senegal with the objective of identifying high-potential students, and to help schools better understand the variety of skills needed to work for a company such as Teranga. We will progressively develop the same approach in other jurisdictions as our presence expanded in these areas. 

Work Environment

We are committed to listening to our employees by collaborating closely with their representatives, our Worker Committees. Regular meetings occur throughout the year and discussions on numerous important topics take place and concerns are addressed.

Workforce Profile

90+%  With the acquisition of Gryphon in late 2016, Teranga, including its Senegalese and Burkinabe operating entities, has approximately 1,300 employees, including expatriates, Senegalese and Burkinabe nationals, and contract workers.  Over 90% of Teranga’s workforce in Senegal and Burkina Faso are held by nationals.

nationals workforce

We remain committed to localizing our workforce from the communities surrounding our operations 

The proportion of women within our workforce remains constant at approximately 10 percent. Women are significantly under-represented in the mining industry and Teranga is committed to the ongoing recruitment and support of women.

Senegalese Case Study

Because Teranga is the first industrial gold mine in Senegal and the first mine in the Kedougou Region, it was important to implement a comprehensive training program to build local capacity in the highly regulated mining sector.  Teranga is committed to local employment and to developing its employees to grow within the company. 

Over the years, Teranga has developed a full training program for its Sabodala site, including practical, technical leadership training and also specific topics relevant to the mining industry such as health and safety and business improvement. These training programs are part of our employee development framework and are tools used to support our employees’ progress in their role and their advancement to the next level. 

In 2016, Teranga offered: 

80+   3.45   130   40
 different types of
training, both
internal and external
  hours of training
 per employee 
   Senegalese employees
were offered a
progression within
their role
   Senegalese employees
were promoted
to a new position

Teranga is conscious that its workforce comes from various environments and that not everyone has equal access to education. This is the reason why in 2016, the Company signed an important agreement with ONFP (National Agency for Professional Training) outlining our mutual commitment and responsibility to conduct training programs for the benefits of Teranga’s employees. With ONFP’s technical support we delivered two main programs: the literacy training and the cook training for the camp. 

136   21

employees trained
for literacy 

   employees trained
for cook training

Beyond our employees, Teranga has partnered with a number of educational institutions to support students and provide them with practical experience in our world-class operation.


In 2016, we welcomed at site 104 interns in various departments to support various programs and initiatives such as:

interns in 2016

  • the skills development program supporting youth development and employment in Senegal and in Kedougou Region specifically. 
  • the maternity leave initiative intended to foster women’s wellbeing

Through these two programs, we received young Senegalese students from various school in Senegal, (IST, IAM, CFPTH, Kedougou College, CRETEF of Kedougou) Morocco and Canada. To date, a total of 7 Senegalese interns found their first job placement with SGO through this internship program.