Does UBS Offer Gold IRAs?

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Gold IRAs have become a hot topic among investors seeking stability in turbulent times.

With its prestigious standing in finance, UBS might seem like a prime candidate to offer these.

Drawing on our experience and extensive research, this article explores whether UBS offers Gold IRAs, dives into their options for gold investment, and recommends trustworthy alternatives for those interested in this distinctive investment vehicle.

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What to expect from this article:

  • An explanation of what a Gold IRA is and its advantages.
  • Insight into UBS’s services related to gold investments.
  • Clarification on whether UBS offers Gold IRAs.
  • Comparison of UBS gold services with traditional Gold IRAs.
  • Guidance on incorporating gold into an IRA through UBS.
  • A review of the top 3 alternative providers of Gold IRAs.

What Is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is a strategic investment vehicle that allows you to diversify your retirement savings with physical gold and other precious metals. Unlike traditional IRAs, where your investments are typically confined to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, a Gold IRA provides a physical, tangible asset in your portfolio.

This characteristic of Gold IRAs offers a form of financial security that paper assets can't match, particularly in times of economic downturns where the value of paper assets often diminishes. Moreover, gold is universally valued for its enduring qualities and is less susceptible to market fluctuations and inflation compared to other assets. 

This makes investing in gold through a Gold IRA a prudent choice for safeguarding your retirement savings against inflation. Additionally, the potential tax advantages of Gold IRAs, where gains are tax-deferred until distribution, make it an attractive investment option for forward-thinking investors.

UBS's Involvement with Gold Investments

UBS's approach to gold investments is diverse and robust, catering to investors who seek exposure to gold without directly purchasing physical gold. Through UBS, you can engage in gold trading and invest in gold-linked financial instruments such as gold bullion products and gold-related ETFs. These products allow investors to benefit from the potential appreciation of gold prices while providing the liquidity that physical gold investments typically lack.

Additionally, UBS's expertise in wealth management enables the bank to offer tailored advice on incorporating gold into diversified investment portfolios, considering the individual's financial goals and risk tolerance.

This approach helps investors leverage the stability and potential growth associated with gold, aligning it with their broader financial strategies. Such strategic guidance is pivotal, especially for investors new to gold investments, ensuring they make informed decisions that enhance their portfolio's resilience against market volatilities.

Does UBS Directly Offer Gold IRAs?

While UBS offers a plethora of investment options in gold and other precious metals, it does not specifically provide Gold IRAs. This might initially seem like a drawback for investors solely interested in Gold IRAs. However, UBS compensates by offering a variety of other gold investment avenues, which can be incorporated into different types of IRAs managed by UBS or other financial institutions.

For instance, investors can choose to invest in gold ETFs or gold mining stocks within a traditional or Roth IRA offered by UBS. This method allows investors to gain exposure to gold's benefits while enjoying the tax advantages associated with IRA investments.

Although this does not involve direct ownership of physical gold, such alternative investments in gold can still play a crucial role in diversifying and protecting an investment portfolio.

Comparing UBS Gold Services with Gold IRAs

While UBS offers a variety of mechanisms to invest in gold, they lack the specific benefits and structures associated with Gold IRAs. For instance, one of the significant advantages of holding physical gold in a Gold IRA is the potential tax benefits, such as the ability to defer taxes until retirement or benefit from tax-free growth in the case of a Roth IRA. These benefits are generally not available through the gold stocks or ETFs that UBS offers.

On the other hand, UBS's gold investment options might appeal to investors looking for liquidity and ease of trading. These include gold ETFs, which can be traded like stocks, offering a much more flexible investment than physical gold.

Moreover, our research indicates that UBS’s global reach and robust trading platforms may provide more sophisticated market insights and investment opportunities in gold that are not typically available through traditional Gold IRA providers.

However, it's important for you as an investor to carefully consider your financial goals and retirement plans. If your primary objective is to hedge against economic instability or inflation with physical gold, a Gold IRA might be more suitable.

Conversely, if you prefer a more liquid and possibly short-term gold investment, UBS’s offerings could be more appealing. Assessing both the pros and cons in line with your investment strategy is crucial.

How to Incorporate Gold into Your UBS IRA

Even though UBS does not offer a dedicated Gold IRA, it’s still possible for you to incorporate gold into your retirement planning through the bank. UBS provides access to a range of gold-related investment opportunities, including stocks of mining companies, gold ETFs, and mutual funds that focus on precious metals.

These can be included within a traditional or Roth IRA managed by UBS, allowing you to benefit from the potential growth and security associated with gold while enjoying the tax advantages of IRA structures. Investing in gold via UBS can be particularly advantageous if you value the convenience of managing all your investments under one roof.

From what we’ve seen, UBS's platforms offer comprehensive tools and resources that can help you track the performance of your investments, understand market trends, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Furthermore, the ability to invest in gold indirectly through gold-related securities might appeal if you are not inclined to manage physical gold, which requires secure storage and insurance.

Incorporating gold into your UBS IRA involves understanding the various gold investment products available and how they fit into your overall investment strategy. It’s important to consult with a UBS financial advisor to tailor your investments to your specific financial goals and risk tolerance. This strategic approach ensures that your investments in gold are well-coordinated with other elements of your retirement planning.

Pros and Cons of UBS


  • Wide Range of Services: UBS offers a broad array of financial products and services including wealth management, investment banking, and personal banking, which cater to a diverse client base, from individuals to large institutions.
  • Global Presence: With offices worldwide, UBS provides global reach and expertise in financial markets, making it a formidable player on the international stage.
  • Robust Investment Options: Clients have access to a variety of investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, ETFs, and more sophisticated options such as hedge funds and private equity.
  • Strong Educational Resources: UBS commits to client education through resources like podcasts, videos, and articles, which help clients make informed financial decisions.


  • High Fee Structure: UBS's services can be expensive, particularly in self-directed and advisory realms, where commissions and management fees can be higher than industry averages.
  • Complexity and Accessibility: Setting up accounts with UBS might not be straightforward as it often requires going through a financial advisor, which can be a hurdle for those preferring direct and simple online transactions.
  • Mixed Customer Service Experiences: While UBS is known for its comprehensive service offerings, some clients have reported issues with customer service, which might affect satisfaction and ease of managing financial dealings.

Top 3 Alternative Providers of Gold IRAs

Best In Selection

  • Award Winning Company

#1 Goldco

Goldco is renowned for its specialized services in Gold IRAs, offering a broad selection of gold investment options complemented by exceptional customer service. They provide a streamlined process for setting up Gold IRAs, including personalized consultations with precious metals specialists and IRA experts to help tailor your investment to your financial goals.

Their process is notably customer-friendly, ensuring ease of transaction from account setup to funding and selecting precious metals, all facilitated with a high degree of transparency and professionalism. Goldco's offerings are not just limited to gold; they also include silver, platinum, and palladium, sourced globally. This broad range allows investors to diversify their portfolios within the same IRA.

Moreover, Goldco has been recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction, reflected in thousands of positive reviews and strong ratings on platforms like Consumer Affairs and Trustlink. Their educational resources also stand out, offering detailed insights into precious metals investment to both seasoned and novice investors.

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  • Award Winning Company

#2 Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals excels in transparency and customer education, heavily focusing on client empowerment through comprehensive information and straightforward pricing. They guide investors through every step of setting up a Gold IRA, ensuring a thorough understanding of the process and choices.

Augusta is praised for its honest communication and detailed educational resources, which cover various aspects of precious metals investing. Their customer-first approach is evident in the personalized strategies they develop with their clients, aiming to meet individual investment goals and financial plans.

Best In Selection

  • Award Winning Company

#3 American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold offers a user-friendly investment process with a lower entry point compared to some competitors, requiring a minimum investment of only $5,000 to start a Gold IRA. This makes it more accessible for those new to precious metals or with limited initial capital.

Like Goldco, American Hartford is noted for its strong customer service, providing detailed guidance and support throughout the investment process. They also offer a variety of gold and silver physical products, popular among investors seeking tangible assets to protect against economic fluctuations.


After putting it to the test, we conclude that while UBS does not directly offer Gold IRAs, its wide range of gold-related investment options can still significantly contribute to a diversified retirement portfolio.

For those dedicated to opening a Gold IRA, providers like Goldco, American Hartford Gold, and Augusta Precious Metals offer tailored services that specialize in precious metals IRAs. By understanding the different avenues available through UBS and other specialized providers, investors can make knowledgeable choices that align with their retirement and investment objectives.

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