Does Vanguard Sell Physical Precious Metals?

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If you are considering investing in physical precious metals but are unsure if Vanguard offers this option, it is important to note that Vanguard does not sell physical precious metals. Instead, Vanguard offers a range of investment options including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and CDs.

While Vanguard does not provide physical precious metals investments, this article will introduce alternative companies that specialize in this type of investment. Additionally, we will discuss how you can still invest in precious metals through Vanguard by utilizing ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks.

Continue reading to discover more about your investment options and how you can incorporate precious metals into your investment portfolio.

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What is Vanguard?

You are looking for a reliable partner in your investment journey, and Vanguard is a prominent investment firm known for offering a diverse array of financial services tailored to help both individuals and institutions achieve their investment objectives.

Vanguard’s core strengths lie in comprehensive financial planning and proficient asset management, positioning the firm as a respected entity within the industry.

With its inception in 1975 by the visionary John C. Bogle, Vanguard holds a significant place in the financial realm for its groundbreaking introduction of index funds to the market, providing cost-effective investment opportunities to clients. Through the years, Vanguard has broadened its offerings to encompass mutual funds, ETFs, retirement planning services, and personalized advisory services.

 Renowned for its competitively priced investment products and client-centric ethos, Vanguard stands as a frontrunner in the financial landscape, drawing in a diverse clientele seeking dependable and sustainable investment solutions.

What Types of Investments Does Vanguard Offer?

Vanguard provides you with a diverse array of investment options to assist in constructing and overseeing your financial portfolios efficiently. These options encompass mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and CDs designed to accommodate different risk tolerances and financial objectives.

1. Mutual Funds

Investors looking for diversified investment options often turn to Vanguard’s mutual funds. These funds offer a convenient method for allocating assets across various sectors and industries, enabling investors to achieve a balanced and diversified portfolio.

By investing in Vanguard’s diverse mutual funds, you can spread your risk over a broad range of assets, reducing the impact of volatility in any single sector. This strategic asset allocation approach allows individuals to capitalize on potential growth opportunities across different market segments.

Diversification plays a crucial role in constructing a resilient investment portfolio by minimizing the risk of significant losses resulting from market fluctuations. Vanguard’s established reputation for offering low-cost options further enhances the attractiveness of their mutual funds to both novice and seasoned investors.

2. ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)

Investors can benefit from Vanguard’s ETFs as a flexible and cost-effective option for constructing a well-rounded investment portfolio that aligns with their financial objectives. These funds grant convenient access to a wide array of assets, making them a suitable choice for individuals aiming to diversify their investment holdings.

By opting for Vanguard’s ETFs, investors can effectively spread their risk across various asset classes, sectors, and geographical regions, thereby minimizing the impact of market fluctuations on their overall portfolio performance. This diversification strategy aids in mitigating risks associated with investing solely in individual stocks or sectors.

Vanguard’s ETFs typically feature low expense ratios, enabling investors to retain a larger portion of their investment returns. Moreover, these funds offer liquidity, permitting investors to easily trade shares on the stock exchange, thereby enhancing portfolio flexibility.

3. Stocks

Investing in Vanguard’s stocks allows you to participate in the growth potential of various companies while working towards securing your financial future. Vanguard’s stock options are tailored to meet the needs of investors who are looking for long-term financial security and growth opportunities.

By diversifying your portfolio with Vanguard’s stocks, you can spread your risk across multiple industries, reducing the impact of any potential downturn in a specific sector. This diversification strategy serves as a buffer against market volatility and enhances the overall stability of your investment. Vanguard’s well-known low-cost index funds provide a cost-efficient method to access a wide array of securities, further increasing the potential for long-term growth and stability in your portfolio.

4. Bonds

Investors looking to establish a secure foundation for their retirement strategy should consider Vanguard’s bond offerings. By investing in bonds through Vanguard, you can develop a balanced investment plan that aligns effectively with your long-term financial objectives.

Bonds play a vital role in retirement planning, offering a stable income source and consistent stability, particularly in times of market fluctuations. Vanguard provides a variety of bond options, such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds, enabling investors to diversify their portfolio and lower overall risk.

By integrating these bond investments into your financial plan, you can mitigate potential volatility in your retirement savings and guarantee a more predictable income stream during retirement. These bond offerings are crucial for crafting a strategic and secure financial roadmap capable of withstanding economic uncertainties and supporting your long-term retirement aspirations.

5. CDs (Certificates of Deposit)

Investors seeking a secure and low-risk investment option may find Vanguard’s CDs to be an ideal choice. When you invest in CDs through Vanguard, you gain access to certificates of deposit that offer a dependable and stable investment avenue.

Vanguard’s CD options feature competitive interest rates, positioning them as an appealing option for individuals looking to steadily increase their wealth over time. The process of acquiring CDs through Vanguard is simple and user-friendly, enabling you to effortlessly navigate the online platform or seek guidance from Vanguard’s team of financial professionals.

 An essential advantage of investing in CDs through Vanguard is the assurance that your funds are safeguarded by the institution’s robust reputation and unwavering dedication to financial security.

Does Vanguard Sell Physical Precious Metals?

While Vanguard is recognized for its wide range of investment options, the company does not directly offer physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium to individual investors.

Vanguard’s decision not to sell physical metals is based on its commitment to providing low-cost and diversified investment products primarily focused on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The company advocates for a portfolio strategy that prioritizes market exposure over direct ownership of physical metals. This approach is supported by concerns such as liquidity issues, storage expenses, and the lack of income generation associated with physical metals.

For investors seeking exposure to precious metals, there are alternative avenues available. Options like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) backed by physical bullion or purchasing metals through specialized dealers offer opportunities to incorporate these assets into investment portfolios.

What is the Definition of Physical Precious Metals?

You should consider investing in physical precious metals, which are tangible assets like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium in the form of bullion, coins, or bars. These metals have been valued for centuries for their inherent worth and their ability to act as a hedge against economic instability. Gold is particularly renowned as a safe haven during periods of market turbulence. Silver, with its industrial uses, presents a unique combination of investment potential and practicality.

 Platinum and palladium, prized for their rarity and industrial applications, are also valuable for diversifying investment portfolios. By holding physical precious metals, you can protect your wealth and expand your investment portfolio beyond conventional assets like stocks and bonds.

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What Other Companies Sell Physical Precious Metals?

While Vanguard does not offer physical precious metals, there are several reputable companies in the market that specialize in selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to investors. Some of these companies include JM Bullion, APMEX, Kitco, SD Bullion, and Money Metals Exchange.

JM Bullion is recognized for its extensive range of precious metal products, including coins and bars sourced from renowned mints worldwide.

APMEX, on the other hand, provides a user-friendly platform for buying and selling metals, complemented by exceptional customer service.

Kitco distinguishes itself through its precise market insights and real-time metal prices, making it a preferred choice for investors seeking up-to-date data.

SD Bullion receives acclaim for its competitive pricing and transparent transactions, appealing to both novice and experienced investors.

Money Metals Exchange offers a diverse selection of metal options and secure storage solutions for clients interested in safeguarding their investments.

1. JM Bullion

You are a well-known precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with tangible assets. With a reputation for reliability and quality, you source your precious metals from reputable mints and suppliers, ensuring authenticity and purity for buyers.

Beyond traditional coins and bars, you also provide unique and collectible pieces, catering to a diverse range of investor preferences. Investing in physical precious metals through your platform provides a tangible hedge against economic uncertainty and inflation, offering stability and security to those looking to safeguard their wealth.


You are considering APMEX as a top-tier retailer in the precious metals market, providing a broad range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products for investors looking to safeguard their wealth with tangible assets.

Your selection of products includes coins, bars, and rounds, each meticulously crafted and stamped with precision to ensure authenticity and purity. APMEX’s strong standing in the industry is reinforced by their dedication to customer satisfaction and transparent pricing.

Opting to invest in physical metals through APMEX not only grants you a concrete store of value but also instills a sense of security amidst economic uncertainties. By securing your portfolio with metals from a reputable supplier like APMEX, you can navigate market fluctuations, diversify your holdings, and safeguard your wealth in the long run.

3. Kitco

You are familiar with Kitco as a reputable name in the precious metals sector, renowned for its diverse range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products tailored to investors interested in incorporating tangible assets into their investment portfolios.

With over 45 years of industry experience, Kitco provides an extensive array of physical bullion bars and coins, establishing itself as a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to broaden their investment portfolios with metals. The proficient team at Kitco offers valuable insights into market trends, give the power toing investors to make well-informed choices.

 Investing in precious metals through Kitco not only offers a reliable store of value but also serves as a safeguard against inflation and economic uncertainties. By aligning with Kitco, investors can have confidence that they are engaging with a respected and dependable player in the precious metals arena.

4. SD Bullion

You are looking for a reputable dealer to enhance your investment portfolio with precious metals. SD Bullion offers a diverse selection of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products tailored to both seasoned investors and newcomers in the precious metals market. With a wide range of options such as coins, bars, and rounds, you have the flexibility to choose the form that aligns with your investment objectives.

SD Bullion’s dedication to quality and authenticity guarantees that you will receive genuine, high-value products. Their knowledgeable customer service team is readily available to offer guidance and support, ensuring a smooth and reliable buying experience for individuals interested in including physical metals in their investment strategy.

5. Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange is a reliable platform for you as an investor to purchase physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. It offers you a secure and convenient avenue for diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals.

With a strong commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, Money Metals Exchange provides you with a seamless buying experience if you are looking to invest in metals. By offering competitive pricing, a vast selection of products, and expert guidance, you can feel confident in your purchases.

The exchange’s user-friendly website enables easy navigation and quick transactions, ensuring that you can efficiently add physical metals to your investment portfolio. Money Metals Exchange prioritizes the security of every transaction, utilizing advanced encryption and secure payment methods to safeguard your financial information.

Why Doesn’t Vanguard Sell Physical Precious Metals?

Your decision not to sell physical precious metals is in line with your investment strategy, which focuses on providing a diverse range of financial instruments to meet your long-term financial goals.

By offering a variety of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track precious metals indexes or invest in mining companies, you adhere to your philosophy of broad diversification and low-cost investment options.

This approach allows you to gain exposure to the potential upside of precious metals without the complexities and costs associated with owning physical bullion.

For those looking to include precious metals in their portfolio, alternative avenues such as gold or silver ETFs, mining company stocks, or precious metal-focused funds offer liquidity and ease of trading, making them attractive options for diversifying your investment portfolio.

Is It Possible to Invest in Precious Metals through Vanguard?

While Vanguard does not offer physical precious metals, you can still gain exposure to precious metals through Vanguard’s range of ETFsmutual funds, and stocks that focus on the precious metal market.

These investment options allow you to diversify your portfolio by incorporating an alternative asset class that can act as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. Historically, precious metals like goldsilver, and platinum have been recognized as safe-haven assets, providing a store of value during times of economic uncertainty.

By including investments in precious metals in your portfolio, you may potentially decrease your overall risk exposure and improve long-term returns, particularly in periods of market turbulence. Investing in precious metals can offer a degree of security and steadiness, serving as a safeguard against geopolitical events or currency fluctuations.


Does Vanguard Have a Precious Metals Fund?
Can You Invest in Physical Precious Metals in a Vanguard IRA?
Which Vanguard Fund Invests in Gold?

1. Precious Metals ETFs

Investors can benefit from Vanguard’s Precious Metals ETFs as a convenient tool to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to the often volatile precious metal market. The liquid and cost-effective nature of these ETFs make them an attractive investment option for individuals seeking to mitigate the impact of market volatility.

When you invest in Vanguard’s Precious Metals ETFs, you can significantly improve your portfolio diversification. By incorporating assets like gold, silver, and other precious metals, you can spread your risk across various market sectors, reducing your dependence on a single asset class. This diversification strategy helps lessen the effects of market fluctuations, resulting in a more stable and well-rounded portfolio.

These ETFs provide transparency and easy access to precious metal investments, simplifying the process for investors to navigate the intricate realm of commodity trading.

2. Precious Metals Mutual Funds

Vanguard’s Precious Metals Mutual Funds provide you with a professionally managed investment option that focuses on the precious metal sector. These funds offer a strategic approach to diversifying your retirement savings by providing exposure to precious metal assets.

Investing in these funds can potentially serve as a hedge against inflation and market volatility, which are critical factors to consider when planning for retirement. Precious metals, such as gold and silver, have historically been viewed as a store of value, offering a level of stability to a portfolio.

Additionally, the long-term growth prospects of these metals make them an appealing option for investors seeking to diversify their retirement holdings beyond the traditional realm of stocks and bonds.

3. Precious Metals Stocks

Investing in Vanguard’s Precious Metals Stocks allows you to participate in the growth potential of companies operating in the precious metal sector while aiming to secure your financial future.

These stocks provide you with a diverse investment opportunity, giving you exposure to a sector known for its resilience during economic uncertainties. By adding precious metals to your portfolio, you can enhance the stability of your holdings and diversify your risk across different asset classes.

Vanguard’s expertise in managing these stocks offers you a level of reliability and trust, essential for those seeking long-term growth. Precious metal stocks have historically shown positive correlations with inflation, making them a potential hedge against economic downturns and purchasing power erosion. This unique characteristic further cements their position as assets that can withstand various market conditions.

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