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Since 1974, Empire Coins has been a go-to source for coin collectors, offering a wide range of quality coins that cater to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

This article covers their history, service quality, and what makes them stand out in the coin-collecting community.

Whether you're looking to start your collection or searching for a rare gem, join us as we uncover everything Empire Coins has to offer.

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What to expect from this article:

  • The history and evolution of Empire Coins.
  • An exploration of the various coin categories offered.
  • Features and usability of the Empire Coins website.
  • Insights into their customer service and support mechanisms.
  • Analysis of pricing structures and special offers.
  • Summaries of user testimonials and overall customer feedback.

History and Background

Empire Coins was founded by Richard Stockton in 1974, initially as a mail-order business focusing on the needs of numismatists who sought reliably graded coins.

This venture was born out of Richard's personal frustrations with the inconsistencies he encountered when purchasing coins through mail.

The business quickly established a reputation for integrity and quality, setting a foundation for growth and a loyal customer base. As the years progressed, Empire Coins evolved into a family-run entity, with Richard’s wife and sons joining the venture, contributing to its expansion and familial spirit. 

The company's growth was not just in inventory size but also in its commitment to customer satisfaction, highlighted by its long-standing relationships with clients who appreciate its service-oriented approach.

Overview of Coin Categories Offered

Empire Coins offers a comprehensive array of coin categories that cater to a wide range of collectors. Our findings show that the inventory includes U.S. coins, from the commonly collected small cents to the more specialized categories of large cents and half dimes. Each category is well-represented, ensuring collectors of all interests and levels of expertise can find something that suits their needs. 

The company’s daily deals and featured coins are particularly appealing, providing both novice and experienced numismatists with opportunities to acquire unique pieces at competitive prices. Additionally, the site’s layout facilitates easy navigation across these categories, making it simple for users to find specific types or features of coins they are interested in.

Here are some examples of what you can get on the site:

  • 1823 Large Cent XF45 NGC N-2
  • 1807 Bust Dime VF Details PCGS
  • 1794 Franklin Press Token Plain Edge MS64 Brown NGC
  • 1795 Draped Bust Dollar F Detail PCGS
  • 1886 Liberty Nickel MS62 NGC

Features of the Empire Coins Website

Empire Coins takes pride in its user-friendly website, designed to facilitate an effortless browsing and shopping experience. The website is structured to cater to both seasoned numismatists and newcomers to coin collecting.

Key features include a comprehensive search tool that allows users to filter through the extensive catalog based on specific criteria such as coin type, era, and price range. High-quality images accompany each listing, providing clear visuals from multiple angles, thus enabling buyers to assess the details and condition of each coin accurately.

Moreover, the website features a 'Bargain Bin' where coins are offered at reduced prices, making it a go-to section for deal hunters. Regular updates to this section, along with daily deals on select items, ensure there is always something new and enticing for visitors. The ease of navigation and the clarity of information contribute to a transparent shopping experience, aiming to build trust and satisfaction among its users.

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Customer Service and Support

From what we’ve seen, Empire Coins is reputed for its exceptional customer service. They are accessible via multiple channels including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring that assistance is readily available during business hours.

The live chat function is particularly praised for providing instant support, where representatives handle inquiries and resolve issues in real-time. Outside of these hours, Empire Coins ensures continued support through a detailed FAQ section on their website and a prompt email response system.

Their customer service extends beyond simple transactional support. The team at Empire Coins offers advice and guidance on coin purchases, which is especially beneficial for less experienced collectors.

The commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their user-friendly return policies and a satisfaction guarantee, which underscores their confidence in the quality of their coins. This approach not only enhances the buying experience but also fosters long-term relationships with their customers.

Pricing and Special Offers

Empire Coins distinguishes itself by offering competitively priced coins, which cater to a range of collectors, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. Their approach to pricing is straightforward and transparent, ensuring that each item is affordably priced without compromising on quality.

This pricing strategy is evident in their 'Bargain Bin' section, where collectors can find deals for as low as $15 for items like the beautifully preserved 1950 Lincoln Cent MS65 Red PCGS, demonstrating their commitment to affordability.

Additionally, Empire Coins frequently updates their inventory with daily deals and substantial discounts on groups of coins, making it an attractive shopping destination for those looking to expand their collections without breaking the bank.

For example, they offer significant price reductions on items such as the 1807 Bust Dime and the 1823 Large Cent, both of which are presented with detailed descriptions of their condition and historical value. These efforts to maintain low prices while offering quality coins help solidify Empire Coins as a trusted name in the numismatic community.

User Testimonials and Feedback

Empire Coins has garnered positive feedback from its users, particularly highlighting the quality of their coins and the excellence of their customer service. Collectors appreciate the site's reliable grading system and the detailed, high-quality images that accompany each coin, aiding in their purchasing decisions.

The transparency and customer-focused service are often mentioned in reviews, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the clear and accurate descriptions provided for each item.

However, some collectors have noted that while the selection is extensive, the availability of very high-value or extremely rare coins can sometimes be limited compared to larger, more specialized dealers. This feedback suggests a slight gap in meeting the needs of the most advanced collectors looking for specific, high-grade numismatic rarities. 

Despite this, the overall customer sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive, with many citing their repeat purchases and long-term satisfaction with the services provided by Empire Coins. The company's reputation is further enhanced by testimonials from long-term customers who have experienced consistent quality and integrity in their interactions over many years.

Pros & Cons of Empire Coins


  • Diverse Inventory: Offers a wide range of U.S. and world coins, appealing to both beginners and experienced collectors.
  • Competitive Pricing and Special Offers: Regularly features discounted items, bargain bins, and daily deals, making collecting more affordable.
  • Quality and Grading: Coins are well-described with high-quality images and accurate grading, ensuring buyers know exactly what they are purchasing.
  • Family-Run Business: Strong customer service ethos, with a history of personalized care and a deep understanding of numismatics.


  • Limited Rare Coin Selection: While they have a broad selection, the range of very rare or unique coins might be less extensive than larger, specialized companies.
  • Restricted Hours of Operation: Limited customer service hours might not accommodate all potential buyers, especially those in different time zones.


How does Empire Coins ensure the authenticity and grading accuracy of their coins?

Empire Coins takes great pride in ensuring that all coins are authentically graded. The team employs rigorous evaluation standards, each coin being inspected by experienced numismatists who have extensive knowledge in coin grading and authenticity checks. They utilize state-of-the-art tools and follow strict industry guidelines to guarantee that every coin sold meets high standards of quality and accuracy.

Can customers return purchased coins if they are not satisfied?

Yes, Empire Coins offers a customer-friendly return policy. Customers can return coins if they are not satisfied with their purchase, under certain conditions. The return must be initiated within a specified period from the date of purchase, and the coin must be in the same condition as when it was sold. This policy reflects Empire Coins' commitment to customer satisfaction and trust in the quality of their coins.

What special services does Empire Coins offer to collectors looking for rare or specific coins?

Empire Coins offers a special sourcing service for collectors in search of specific or rare coins. They utilize their extensive network and industry connections to help locate these items for their customers.

Additionally, the company regularly updates their inventory with new acquisitions and provides alerts and updates for collectors who sign up for their newsletter, ensuring enthusiasts are well-informed of potential additions to their collections.

How does Empire Coins handle shipping and delivery of coins?

Empire Coins provides secure shipping for all coin purchases to ensure that items arrive safely at their destinations. They use trusted shipping services with options for insurance and tracking, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their deliveries.

The company takes special care in packaging coins to prevent damage during transit, using materials that provide ample protection and stability for these valuable items. This approach minimizes the risk of loss or damage, ensuring that collectors receive their coins in excellent condition.

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Based on our experience, Empire Coins truly excels as a family-run business, demonstrating a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This commitment is clearly supported by their long history and consistently positive customer feedback.

While they offer a broad range of coins, the depth of rare or highly unique coins might not match that of larger, more specialized companies. Nonetheless, their commitment to accurate grading and customer care makes them a solid choice for both newcomers and avid collectors.

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