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Gold Avenue stands out in the precious metals market for its extensive services which cater to buying, selling, and securely storing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Established as part of the renowned MKS PAMP GROUP, it ensures a trustworthy and secure investment environment for novices and seasoned investors alike.

Let's explore what makes Gold Avenue a standout choice for precious metals enthusiasts.

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  • Background on Gold Avenue and its connection to the MKS PAMP GROUP.
  • The process for purchasing precious metals on Gold Avenue.
  • Details on secure storage options in Switzerland.
  • How to sell precious metals back to Gold Avenue.
  • An overview of fees for buying, selling, and storing metals.
  • Unique features like Auto-Savings and educational resources.
  • A comparison with other precious metal traders.

Company Overview

Gold Avenue, the official online retailer for the MKS PAMP GROUP, showcases a strong foundation in the precious metals market. Originating from the reputable MKS PAMP, known for its deep roots and influential presence in the precious metals sector, Gold Avenue benefits significantly from this affiliation.

The MKS PAMP GROUP has a history of commitment to ethical practices and sustainability in precious metals procurement and processing. This relationship not only enhances Gold Avenue's market credibility but also ensures they uphold high standards of product quality and integrity.

By leveraging the extensive capabilities and resources of its parent group, Gold Avenue offers a seamless and trustworthy service to its clientele, echoing the group’s broader mission of innovation and excellence in the precious metals industry.

Buying Precious Metals  

Based on our firsthand experience, we can say that when purchasing through Gold Avenue, investors access a diverse range of precious metals products. This includes highly sought-after items like gold and silver coins, which are favorites among collectors and investors alike. The platform provides an easy-to-navigate interface where customers can effortlessly browse and select products such as the American Gold Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. 

Additionally, for those interested in significant holdings, Gold Avenue provides cast and minted bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The website's user-friendly nature mimics a conventional e-commerce experience, complete with detailed product descriptions and secure checkout processes. This approach demystifies the often complex world of precious metals investment, making it accessible and manageable even for those new to the field.

Storage Solutions Offered  

Gold Avenue’s storage solutions are a cornerstone of their offering, providing a secure and insured environment for the precious metals you purchase. The company’s storage facilities in Switzerland are known for stringent security measures and robust privacy laws, ensuring that your investments are well-protected against any unforeseen circumstances. 

For smaller investors, the appeal of free storage for holdings under $10,000 makes Gold Avenue an attractive option, while more substantial investments benefit from reasonably priced storage solutions. This tiered pricing structure ensures affordability and scalability. 

Moreover, the off-balance sheet storage guarantees that in the event of financial difficulties, your assets are safeguarded. Each client receives digital certificates of ownership, which further instills a sense of security and trust in Gold Avenue’s storage services.

Selling and Reselling 

When you decide to sell your precious metals back to Gold Avenue, you can rest assured that the process is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. The platform supports a seamless transaction experience, allowing you to sell at real-time market prices without incurring any commission fees. This feature is particularly beneficial as it ensures that you receive fair compensation based on the most current market conditions. 

Gold Avenue prides itself on offering a user-friendly online interface where these transactions can be completed swiftly, ensuring that you can quickly liquidate your assets whenever necessary. Additionally, the assurance of no hidden fees during the selling process enhances the transparency and trustworthiness of the service. 

This straightforward approach not only simplifies the selling process but also enhances the overall user experience by making it less cumbersome and more accessible to individuals regardless of their experience level in trading precious metals.

Pricing and Fees

Gold Avenue's pricing structure is clearly laid out and easy to understand, promoting transparency in all transactions. The absence of hidden fees reassures users that they will not encounter unexpected costs. For smaller investments, the storage fee is waived for holdings valued up to $10,000.

For those storing assets between $10,000 and $100,000, a nominal fee of $8 per month is charged, which is quite competitive in the industry. Larger holdings incur a fee of 0.5% annually, scaling with the value of the stored assets. Payment options on Gold Avenue are diverse, accommodating a variety of preferences and financial situations. 

These include wire transfers, which are free of charge by Gold Avenue but may incur bank fees, and credit card payments, which have an associated fee of 3% due to the immediate processing nature of the transaction. This tiered fee structure ensures that the services are accessible to a wide range of investors, from those making modest purchases to those with significant holdings.

Unique Features and Technology

Gold Avenue distinguishes itself in the precious metals market with user-friendly technologies like the Auto-Savings plan and Savings Assistant. The Auto-Savings feature offers a practical way for investors to accumulate gold and silver over time.

You can set up recurring purchases on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, leveraging the dollar-cost averaging method to build investments steadily. This automation helps mitigate the timing risk in market price fluctuations, ensuring that you invest a consistent amount regardless of market conditions.

Moreover, the Auto-Savings setup is straightforward: select your desired product, choose the frequency of your purchases, pick a payment method, and place your order.

The process is designed for ease and flexibility, allowing adjustments, pauses, or cancellations at any point, providing you with control over your investment strategy. Additionally, all Auto-Savings purchases are stored securely in Swiss vaults, ensuring both safety and no additional storage cost for values up to $10,000.

The Savings Assistant tool complements this by helping investors identify the most suitable precious metals investments based on their budget and investment goals. Our findings show that it offers tailored recommendations under three strategies: Best Value, Flexible Choice, and Coin Focus, each designed to meet different investment priorities and objectives, from liquidity to long-term value appreciation.

Comparative Analysis with Other Precious Metal Traders

When compared to its competitors, Gold Avenue stands out for its comprehensive service suite, robust security measures, and customer-oriented features. The affiliation with the globally recognized MKS PAMP GROUP enhances its trustworthiness significantly.

This partnership not only backs its product authenticity but also ensures that operational standards are kept to the highest industry benchmarks. 
Gold Avenue also excels in providing a blend of technological and traditional investment tools that appeal to both novice and experienced investors. 

Features like the Auto-Savings plan and Savings Assistant are not commonly offered by all competitors, providing Gold Avenue with a competitive edge in customer engagement and satisfaction. Their educational resources also make precious metals investing accessible to beginners, explaining complex concepts in an understandable way.

Pros & Cons for Gold Avenue


  • Variety of Products: Gold Avenue offers a wide range of precious metals products including coins, bars, and bullion in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, catering to different investor needs.
  • Secure Storage: Offers secure, insured storage options in Switzerland, renowned for its stringent privacy laws, with free storage for assets up to $10,000.
  • No Commission Fees for Selling: Gold Avenue does not charge commission fees for reselling precious metals, which can enhance profitability for investors.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The platform is noted for being intuitive and easy to navigate, which makes the buying and selling process straightforward and accessible even for beginners.
  • Affiliation with Reputable Partners: As part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, Gold Avenue benefits from strong credibility and industry connections that enhance its service quality.


  • Limited to Certain Regions: Although it ships to over 24 European countries, services are not globally available which can limit accessibility for potential customers outside these regions.
  • Higher Costs with Credit Card Payments: While multiple payment options are available, using credit cards incurs a 3% fee, which might deter some users from using this payment method.
  • Storage Fees for Higher Values: Although storage is free for assets up to $10,000, fees apply for higher amounts, which might add up for large-scale investors.
  • Restrictions on Storage: The storage services do not support pre-owned metals; only metals purchased via Gold Avenue can be stored in their facilities, which may not suit all investors.


What types of educational resources does Gold Avenue provide to help new investors?

Gold Avenue offers a range of educational materials aimed at helping new investors understand the intricacies of investing in precious metals. These resources include detailed guides on different metals, their market aspects, and investment strategies.

Additionally, the platform provides insights into market trends and historical performance data, which can aid investors in making informed decisions. These tools are designed to demystify the process of buying and selling precious metals and ensure that even novices can invest confidently.

How does Gold Avenue ensure the security of the stored precious metals?

Gold Avenue employs robust security measures to ensure the safety of stored precious metals. The storage facilities are located in Switzerland, known for its stringent privacy and security standards.

Each client's metals are insured against theft, loss, or damage, providing an extra layer of security. Moreover, Gold Avenue conducts daily inspections of its vaults and partners with external auditors to ensure that all stored items are accounted for and securely maintained.

Can international customers use Gold Avenue’s services?

Yes, Gold Avenue caters to an international clientele, supporting transactions and deliveries in over 24 countries. This makes it accessible for customers not just in Europe but globally who wish to invest in precious metals.

The platform supports multiple major fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CHF) to facilitate these international transactions. Additionally, their detailed product information and customer service are available in multiple languages to accommodate a diverse global audience.

Protect Your Retirement Savings - Without Taxes or Penalties!


After trying out this service, we conclude that Gold Avenue presents a compelling option for those interested in the precious metals market, whether you’re looking to invest, store, or sell precious metals. With its strong infrastructure, comprehensive services, and commitment to security and customer service, it stands as a solid choice for investors.

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