Is GoldRepublic a Trustworthy Company?

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Exploring the trustworthiness of a company, especially one dealing in precious metals like Gold Republic, is crucial for any investor's peace of mind.

This article dives deep into the various facets of Gold Republic, from its regulatory compliance and customer feedback to the security measures it employs.

Join us as we uncover whether Gold Republic truly stands as a reliable option for your precious metal investment needs.

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What to expect from this article:

  • An introduction to Gold Republic and its core business operations.
  • A detailed look at the history and development of Gold Republic.
  • An exploration of the services offered by Gold Republic.
  • Insights into the security measures and storage options provided by Gold Republic.
  • Information on regulatory compliance and licensing.
  • Analysis of customer reviews and overall feedback.
  • A comparative assessment of Gold Republic with its market competitors.

Company Overview

Gold Republic offers an extensive platform for the trading and secure storage of precious metals. This Amsterdam-based company specializes in the trade of gold, silver, and platinum, providing various options from full bars to fractional ownerships tailored to different investment scales.

The straightforward online platform facilitates easy account setup, purchasing, and management of metals, with a strong emphasis on transparency and customer control over investments. 

The platform's interface is designed to provide real-time price charts, detailed product descriptions, and direct purchase options, making it accessible even for those new to precious metals investment. Noteworthy is their mobile app, which allows continuous monitoring and management of investments, ensuring that clients can make informed decisions quickly.

History and Background  

Gold Republic was founded in 2010 by Marleen Evertsz and Alex Butter with a clear mission to offer secure investment alternatives in precious metals, particularly following the financial instability caused by the 2008 economic downturn. The founders aimed to democratize access to gold, silver, and platinum investments, providing a safe haven against economic fluctuations. 

Over the years, Gold Republic has expanded its reach and now serves a broad European market, maintaining high standards of security and transparency. The company is particularly noted for being the first gold seller in the Netherlands to be licensed by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), underscoring its commitment to regulatory compliance and investor security.

This background sets a strong foundation for trust and reliability among investors looking for stable investment opportunities.

Services Offered

Based on our observations, Gold Republic provides a wide range of services designed for both new and experienced investors keen on the precious metals market. Central to their offerings is the ability to buy, sell, and store physical gold, silver, and platinum.

When you choose to invest through Gold Republic, you are purchasing physical bullion that you can either store securely in their vaults or opt for home storage, though it's worth noting that choosing home storage may affect the insurance and buyback guarantees provided by Gold Republic.

One of the standout features of Gold Republic is their detailed and user-friendly online platform. Setting up an account is straightforward—requiring just a few personal details and verification steps. Once set up, you can easily fund your account and begin trading.

The website supports various transaction types, including immediate purchases at current market prices or setting limit orders to delay purchases until a desired price point is reached. In addition to trading and storage, Gold Republic also offers a buyback program. This program allows you to sell your metals back to the company at current market rates, providing flexibility and ease of liquidity. 

This is complemented by transparent pricing and a clear fee structure, which includes a nominal annual storage fee and transaction commissions. These features collectively make Gold Republic an attractive option for those looking to invest in precious metals without the logistical concerns of handling physical commodities.

Here’s a summary of the services and features you can get from Gold Republic:

  • Buying, selling, and storing physical gold, silver, and platinum
  • Option for secure storage in Gold Republic's vaults or home storage
  • User-friendly online platform for account setup, funding, and trading
  • Various transaction types supported, including immediate purchases and limit orders
  • Buyback program allowing selling metals back at current market rates
  • Transparent pricing and fee structure, including annual storage fee and transaction commissions

Security Measures and Storage Facilities

Drawing from our experience, we’ve found that Gold Republic takes rigorous security measures to safeguard its clients' investments. The company uses high-security vaults located in strategic locations across Europe—Amsterdam, Zurich, and Frankfurt.

These facilities are operated by two of the world's leading security firms, G4S and Loomis, which are renowned for their expertise in handling valuable items securely. These vaults are not only well-guarded but also equipped with advanced technology to ensure the safety of the stored metals.

Gold Republic’s security strategy includes a unique 'Delivery versus Payment' system, which means that payment for bullion is only processed once it has safely arrived and been accounted for in the vault. This method guarantees that the ownership of the bullion is securely transferred to the client without financial risk.

Additionally, Gold Republic ensures that all bullion purchased through their platform is of guaranteed quality, sourced from LBMA-accredited bullion market participants, and meets the strict standards of 'London Good Delivery'.

The security of client investments is further reinforced by comprehensive insurance coverage, which protects against theft, loss, and other potential risks. This insurance is detailed on Gold Republic’s website, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for investors. Regular audits by independent firms also verify the presence and condition of the metals, maintaining a high standard of accountability and trust.

Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Gold Republic is rigorously regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), which oversees its operations to ensure they meet stringent financial and ethical standards. The AFM's oversight is crucial, providing a framework within which Gold Republic must operate, thereby safeguarding investor interests.

This regulatory body ensures that all financial activities are conducted with transparency, professionalism, and integrity. The licensing by the AFM highlights Gold Republic’s commitment to compliance and legal operation within the financial sector. 

This is not just about adhering to the rules—it's about providing a service that clients can trust completely. The AFM also plays a critical role in monitoring the activities of financial entities like Gold Republic, ensuring they act in the best interest of their clients and maintain a fair and orderly market operation.

For those investing through Gold Republic, this regulatory oversight means enhanced security for their assets and investments. Clients can be confident that they are dealing with a company whose operations are regularly scrutinized and approved by a reputable financial authority. This is essential for maintaining the legality and integrity of the services provided, further bolstering client confidence and trust in Gold Republic.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer feedback is an invaluable asset for any company, and for Gold Republic, the reviews shed light on both strengths and areas for improvement.

While the feedback on Trustpilot and other European platforms generally paints a positive picture of Gold Republic, highlighting their efficient service and reliable transaction processes, there is a noticeable gap in their presence on American review platforms. 

This absence might reflect the company's focus on the European market, yet it poses a challenge for potential international customers seeking firsthand user experiences. Detailed customer reviews often cite the straightforward buying process and the professionalism of customer service. However, some feedback points to a desire for more interactive features, such as a live chat function, which could enhance the user experience. 

Addressing these gaps could not only broaden their appeal but also instill greater confidence among prospective clients who rely heavily on user reviews for decision-making.

Comparisons with Competitors

From what we've seen, Gold Republic stands out among competitors for its emphasis on product quality and secure storage options. They offer robust security measures that ensure the safety of the client's investments, a factor that many customers prioritize.

However, the lack of options such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and live chat support marks a noticeable difference when stacked against competitors like Regal Assets or Goldco, who provide these services. 

These features cater to a broader range of investment needs, especially for U.S. customers interested in precious metals as part of their retirement planning. For an investor looking for a one-stop solution that includes retirement services, this could be a limiting factor.

On the other hand, for European clients or those not seeking IRAs, Gold Republic's offerings of high-security storage and direct ownership of purchased metals remain appealing. 

Balancing these factors, Gold Republic stands out for its security and transparency but may not meet the needs of all potential investors looking for additional financial planning tools.

Pros & Cons for Gold Republic


  • Regulated by AFM: Gold Republic is licensed by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), ensuring compliance with financial regulations and providing a layer of security for investors.
  • Secure Storage Options: The company offers secure storage for precious metals in LBMA-approved vaults located in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany, managed by reputable firms like G4S and LOOMIS.
  • Transparent and User-Friendly Platform: The platform facilitates easy account setup and trading, making it accessible for both new and seasoned investors. It also provides detailed product descriptions and pricing.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Most customer reviews are positive, highlighting the company's reliability and quality of service.
  • Insurance and Safety Measures: Gold Republic ensures that all stored metals are fully insured and the company takes extensive measures to protect investments.


  • Limited Product Range: Compared to other major precious metals dealers, Gold Republic offers a more limited selection of gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins.
  • Lack of IRA Options: The company does not provide options for precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), which might be a drawback for those looking to include precious metals in their retirement planning.
  • Limited Reviews on Major Platforms: There is a noticeable absence of reviews on major U.S. review sites such as the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot, which might raise concerns about broader customer experiences and reputations.
  • No Live Chat Support: Unlike some competitors, Gold Republic does not offer live chat support, which could affect the immediacy of customer service for users preferring quick online assistance.

Protect Your Retirement Savings - Without Taxes or Penalties!

Final Thoughts

Based on its regulatory compliance, customer reviews, and robust security measures, Gold Republic is a trustworthy option for investors interested in precious metals. The company's commitment to transparency and security, combined with favorable customer feedback and regulatory approval, underscores its reliability and integrity in the precious metals market.

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