Long Island Rare Coins & Currency Review

Long Island Rare Coins & Currency Review

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Navigating the numismatic market requires a keen eye for authenticity, a deep appreciation for history, and most importantly, trust in your source for rare coins and currency.

Long Island Rare Coins & Currency has emerged as a significant player in the field, drawing the attention of collectors and investors alike.

This review takes an independent look at their services, offerings, and customer experiences to provide a comprehensive overview for anyone considering their services.

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Company Overview

In the heart of Massapequa, New York, Long Island Rare Coins & Currency stands as a testament to the enduring fascination with numismatics—the study and collection of currency. Founded by Buddy Alleva, a figure synonymous with integrity and expertise in the numismatic community, the company has navigated the complexities of the coin-collecting world for over 35 years.

This journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, a deep respect for the historical significance of coins and currency, and an unwavering dedication to customer service. Long Island Rare Coins & Currency has built its reputation on more than just transactions; it has fostered a community of enthusiasts, collectors, and investors united by a shared passion for the tangible pieces of history that coins represent.

The company's mission extends beyond the mere buying and selling of rare items. It encompasses education, preservation, and the promotion of numismatic scholarship, ensuring that each client's experience is both enriching and rewarding.

The foundation of Long Island Rare Coins' reputation in the numismatic community is its unparalleled inventory, expertly curated to include a wide range of rare and valuable pieces. However, what truly sets the company apart is its approach to customer service.

Understanding that each collector's needs and interests are unique, Buddy Alleva and his team offer personalized consultations, detailed evaluations, and tailored advice, ensuring that every interaction is informed, respectful, and transparent.

Services Offered

Comprehensive Buying and Selling Solutions

Based on our firsthand experience, navigating the market for rare coins and currency requires a partner who not only offers a diverse and valuable inventory but also understands the nuanced needs of collectors and investors. Long Island Rare Coins excels in providing comprehensive services that cover every aspect of numismatics.

From beginners looking to make their first purchase to seasoned collectors seeking rare finds, the company offers a seamless buying and selling experience. This includes detailed evaluations, competitive pricing, and a transparent transaction process that prioritizes the client's satisfaction and security.

IRA Rollover with Precious Metals

In an innovative blend of numismatics and financial planning, Long Island Rare Coins offers clients the opportunity to diversify their retirement portfolios through IRA rollovers with precious metals. This service underscores the company's understanding of the value that rare coins and precious metals can add to long-term investment strategies.

By incorporating gold, silver, and other precious metals into retirement planning, clients can leverage the stability and potential growth offered by these tangible assets, all while benefiting from the company's expertise in numismatics.

Vigilance Against Counterfeit Coins

The integrity of the numismatic market is under constant threat from counterfeit coins, a challenge that Long Island Rare Coins meets with unmatched vigilance and expertise. The company's proactive stance against counterfeits is not just about protecting its inventory but also safeguarding the investments of its clients and the broader numismatic community.

Through meticulous verification processes, collaboration with law enforcement, and education initiatives, Long Island Rare Coins plays a crucial role in combating the circulation of counterfeit coins, ensuring that the market remains a safe and trustworthy space for collectors and investors.

Featured Products and Collections

A Treasury of History and Value

The allure of Long Island Rare Coins' inventory lies in its diversity and the stories each piece tells. From ancient coins that offer a glimpse into bygone civilizations to modern commemorative issues celebrating significant events and figures, the collection is a treasure trove for anyone fascinated by history, art, and investment.

Our findings show that each coin and piece of currency is selected for its historical significance, rarity, and potential value, making the company's inventory a primary destination for collectors seeking to enrich their collections with meaningful and valuable pieces.

Gold Currency: A Gleaming Investment

Gold coins hold a special place in the world of numismatics and investing. Long Island Rare Coins offers an exquisite selection of gold currency, ranging from historical pieces with significant numismatic value to bullion coins prized for their purity and investment potential.

These coins are more than just assets; they are fragments of history, embodying the economic, political, and cultural contexts of their times. For investors, gold coins represent a stable and tangible asset class, offering a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. For collectors, they provide a connection to the past and an opportunity to own a piece of history.

Commemorative Coins: Celebrating Heritage

Commemorative coins serve as markers of our shared heritage, celebrating everything from monumental achievements to iconic figures. Long Island Rare Coins' selection of commemorative issues spans a broad spectrum of themes and eras, offering collectors the opportunity to commemorate significant moments in history.

These coins are not only valuable for their material and rarity but also for their ability to encapsulate stories, achievements, and milestones in tangible form. Whether as part of a themed collection or as standalone pieces, commemorative coins from Long Island Rare Coins enrich collections with depth, diversity, and historical significance.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When it comes to choosing a numismatic dealer, the voices of past customers can shine a light on what might be expected. Long Island Rare Coins & Currency, through the lens of customer testimonials, appears to stand out for several reasons.

Customers frequently highlight the fairness in pricing, which is a critical factor for collectors who often navigate through a vast market with varying price points. The aspect of professionalism also comes up often in reviews, suggesting that the team at Long Island Rare Coins not only possesses deep knowledge of numismatics but also understands the importance of customer service.

Another recurring theme in customer testimonials is the overall satisfaction with the buying or selling experience. This satisfaction stems from transparent transactions, where customers feel informed and valued throughout the process.

Whether it's a seasoned collector looking to divest a piece of their collection or a new enthusiast making their first purchase, the feedback suggests that Long Island Rare Coins makes these interactions both memorable and rewarding.

However, it's important to approach testimonials with a balanced perspective. While overwhelmingly positive reviews dominate, any business will have areas to improve. In the case of Long Island Rare Coins, specifics on these areas are less documented, which could speak to the company's commitment to resolving issues promptly and privately. Engaging directly with the company can provide potential customers with a more nuanced understanding of how any concerns are addressed.

Expertise in Combating Counterfeit Coins

The numismatic field is not without its challenges, notably the issue of counterfeit coins. Long Island Rare Coins & Currency takes a proactive stance against this problem, significantly attributed to the efforts of Buddy Alleva. His work, recognized by the numismatic community and law enforcement alike, underscores the importance of vigilance in protecting the integrity of collections and the market at large.

Our research indicates that Alleva's involvement in identifying counterfeit coins, particularly those entering through the Port of Long Island, has not only safeguarded countless collections but also contributed to broader efforts against numismatic fraud.

This commitment to combating counterfeits is a testament to the company's dedication to its customers and the numismatic community. It's an assurance to collectors that their investments are valued and protected.

The recognition of these efforts through awards and acknowledgments within the industry highlights the impact Long Island Rare Coins has had in this critical area. For collectors, this expertise in identifying and combating counterfeits adds a layer of trust and security when engaging with the company, knowing that their interests are actively protected against fraudulent activities.

Why Choose Long Island Rare Coins?

Choosing Long Island Rare Coins & Currency as your numismatic partner offers several distinct advantages. First and foremost, their longstanding reputation in the industry, built over 35 years of dedicated service, speaks volumes about their reliability and expertise. The company's founder, Buddy Alleva, and his team are not just dealers but passionate collectors and numismatic experts, ensuring that every piece they sell meets high standards of authenticity and quality.

Their proactive stance against counterfeit coins, including significant contributions to the detection and prevention of fake numismatic materials, provides an added layer of trust and security for customers. This commitment to protecting the integrity of the numismatic community is a testament to their ethical business practices and expertise.

Customer testimonials consistently highlight Long Island Rare Coins' fair pricing, exceptional customer service, and the knowledgeable staff's willingness to educate and guide collectors. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, their approachable and professional team is ready to assist with your collecting goals.

Moreover, the diverse range of products, from rare coins to precious metals and currency, ensures that collectors and investors can find items that not only enhance their collections but also hold potential for appreciation. The combination of expertise, ethical practices, and a customer-centric approach makes Long Island Rare Coins a top choice for numismatists and investors alike.


How does Long Island Rare Coins ensure the authenticity of its coins and currency?

Long Island Rare Coins takes the authenticity of its offerings seriously. Each coin and piece of currency is meticulously verified by experienced numismatists. The company leverages advanced authentication techniques and collaborates with leading grading services to ensure every item's authenticity.

Additionally, their active role in combating counterfeit coins, as evidenced by Buddy Alleva's recognized efforts, underscores their commitment to maintaining a trustworthy marketplace for collectors and investors.

Can Long Island Rare Coins assist with building a numismatic investment portfolio?

Yes, Long Island Rare Coins is equipped to assist clients in building a numismatic investment portfolio. Their extensive experience in the industry and a wide selection of coins and currency make them a valuable resource for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals and rare coins. They offer personalized consultations to understand individual investment goals and provide tailored recommendations based on market trends and the historical significance of pieces.

What types of coins and currencies are typically available at Long Island Rare Coins?

Long Island Rare Coins boasts a diverse inventory that includes a wide range of coins and currencies. Their collection often features U.S. gold coins, silver and copper classic coins, modern commemoratives, and rare international coins. Additionally, they offer a selection of paper currency, including historic U.S. notes and foreign bills. The specific items available can vary, reflecting the dynamic nature of the numismatic market.

Does Long Island Rare Coins buy coins and collections from individuals?

Yes, Long Island Rare Coins purchases coins and collections from individuals. They provide a straightforward and transparent evaluation process, offering fair market valuations based on the current numismatic value and market demand.

Sellers can expect professional service, immediate payment, and confidentiality throughout the transaction. It's recommended to schedule an appointment for a personal evaluation and consultation.

How does Long Island Rare Coins contribute to the numismatic community?

Beyond buying and selling coins and currency, Long Island Rare Coins contributes to the numismatic community through educational initiatives, combating counterfeit activities, and participating in industry associations.

Their efforts to educate collectors and investors about numismatics, along with their active role in identifying and reporting counterfeit coins, demonstrate a commitment to the health and integrity of the collecting community.

What is the process for purchasing coins or currency from Long Island Rare Coins?

Purchasing from Long Island Rare Coins is designed to be a seamless experience. Customers can browse their collection online or visit their store by appointment. Each item listed for sale is accompanied by detailed descriptions and high-quality images. Transactions can be completed securely online, or in-person consultations can be arranged for those seeking more personalized service. The company also offers shipping options for buyers not able to visit the store directly.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Long Island Rare Coins & Currency stands out as a reputable source for numismatists, offering a wide array of services and an impressive selection of rare coins and currency. While their commitment to combating counterfeit coins and providing excellent customer service is commendable, potential customers should weigh these strengths against their own needs and experiences to make an informed decision.

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