National Coin Wholesalers Review

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In an industry where history and value intertwine, National Coin Wholesalers stands out as a beacon for both avid collectors and strategic investors.

Drawing from our experience and research, this article offers an in-depth look at a company that not only connects people with pieces of history but also guides them through the complexities of coin collecting and investment.

Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of services, inventory highlights, and customer-focused initiatives that define their success.

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What to expect from this article:

  • A historical overview of National Coin Wholesalers.
  • A detailed look at the services offered by NCW.
  • Highlights from NCW’s diverse coin inventory.
  • Insights into NCW’s customer service and client satisfaction.
  • An introduction to educational resources available through NCW.
  • A comparison of NCW with other coin wholesalers.

History and Background

National Coin Wholesalers has a rich history marked by dedicated service to collectors and investors alike. The company was founded by Mark Feldman, whose vision was to create a trustworthy environment where coin enthusiasts and investors could find a diverse array of high-quality coins. 

Over the years, NCW has developed a reputation for its comprehensive inventory and its ability to cater to both seasoned collectors and newcomers. The company's growth is particularly attributed to its strong customer relationships and its emphasis on educating its clients, making it a respected entity in the coin trading community.

Services Offered

Buying and Selling Coins

At National Coin Wholesalers, you can buy or sell a range of coins including gold, silver, and rare numismatic items. The team at NCW not only facilitates straightforward transactions but also ensures that every coin handled meets high standards of quality and authenticity. This commitment is backed by NCW's status as an authorized dealer, which further reinforces the trust and confidence buyers and sellers place in them.

Expert Evaluations and Grading

One of NCW’s standout services is their expert evaluation and grading of coins. They are a PCGS Authorized Dealer, meaning they adhere to stringent standards for coin grading, ensuring that all coins are evaluated accurately based on their condition and market value. This service is crucial for collectors and investors who rely on precise, unbiased evaluations of their coins.

Educational Resources and Guidance

NCW is dedicated to supporting their clients’ growth in coin collecting and investing knowledge. They offer educational resources that help clients understand the nuances of coin collecting, including the significance of different grades, the history behind rare coins, and strategies for coin investment. This focus on education enriches the client’s experience and helps build a more informed collector base.

Online and Physical Sales Channels

Customers can access NCW’s services both online and in person. Their website offers a detailed inventory of coins, categorized clearly to help users find exactly what they’re looking for, from U.S. coins to world coins and bullion. The physical store in Hallandale, Florida, provides a personal touch, allowing customers to view coins directly and discuss their needs with experienced staff.

Tailored Client Services

NCW prides itself on personalized service, whether a client is looking to build a specific collection or find the best investment coins. They work closely with each client to understand their goals and preferences, which helps in sourcing the right coins at fair prices. This tailored approach is a significant part of why many clients return and refer others to NCW.

Inventory Highlights

At National Coin Wholesalers, the inventory is carefully curated to cater to a wide array of tastes and investment strategies. Whether you're a budding numismatist or a seasoned collector, NCW ensures that there is something in their catalog to catch your eye. This attention to diversity and quality is not accidental but a result of deliberate sourcing and selection.

The inventory at NCW features a variety of coins, including historical pieces that hold significant numismatic value and modern coins that appeal to investors. A particular highlight is their selection of silver and gold coins, which includes both highly collectible items and investment-grade bullion.

For example, NCW showcases:

  • 2022 Elizabeth II Silver Proof Coins: These are available in various denominations and are celebrated for their intricate designs and royal significance.
  • American Eagle Gold Coins: Known for their beauty and purity, these coins are a staple in any investment portfolio.
  • Vintage U.S. Silver Dollars: These coins not only carry historical value but are also a favorite among collectors due to their rich stories and rarity.
  • Limited Edition Commemorative Sets: Often released to mark significant events or anniversaries, these sets are sought after by collectors for their uniqueness and potential appreciation in value.

Each item in their inventory is chosen with an eye toward maximizing both the collector's interest and the investment potential. By maintaining a stock that spans from rare, high-value collectors' items to more accessible pieces, NCW positions itself as a comprehensive source for anyone looking to enhance their collection or invest in precious metals.

This commitment to a diverse and high-quality inventory is one of the reasons why NCW has become a preferred destination for both novice and experienced collectors. By offering a range that accommodates different budgets and collecting preferences, they ensure that every visit to their website or store is likely to yield something appealing and appropriate for your collection or investment needs.

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Customer Service and Satisfaction

Based on our firsthand experience at National Coin Wholesalers (NCW), we've found that their unwavering commitment to superior customer service truly defines their business ethos.  Many clients have praised NCW for their helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive customer service team.

This commitment to excellence in service is reflected in the number of positive testimonials and repeat business they receive. Customers consistently report satisfaction with the way NCW handles their inquiries and transactions, emphasizing the personalized attention they receive which often exceeds expectations.

This high level of service helps build long-lasting relationships and is a key factor in why many first-time buyers become regular clients. The ability to provide reliable, quick responses and to resolve any issues efficiently contributes significantly to their strong reputation in the coin wholesaling industry.

Educational Resources and Guidance

NCW places a strong emphasis on client education, offering extensive resources and guidance to help both new and seasoned collectors understand the intricacies of coin collecting and investing.

Our findings show that their educational services cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of coin grading to the more complex aspects of coin investment strategies. 

NCW aims to empower clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions, enhancing the overall client experience and satisfaction. This educational commitment is reflected in the detailed product descriptions and the availability of resourceful staff who are always ready to share their expertise with clients.

By ensuring that clients are well-informed, NCW fosters a sense of confidence and trust, which is crucial for building long-term client relationships.

Comparison with Other Coin Wholesalers

National Coin Wholesalers stands strong in a competitive market with their distinct focus on customer relationships, a diverse inventory, and competitive pricing. In contrast to other wholesalers, NCW's approach is highly transparent and client-centric, which contributes significantly to their high retention rates.

This approach is particularly valuable in the current market, where the personal touch in client interactions can set a company apart. The coin wholesaling industry is witnessing several evolving trends that could impact businesses like NCW.

Increased competition from both traditional and nontraditional wholesalers means that companies need to innovate and adapt to maintain their market position. The growing preference among manufacturers to sell directly to consumers poses another challenge, encouraging wholesalers to enhance their value proposition to remain competitive.

Pros  & Cons of National Coin Wholesalers


  • Wide Inventory Selection: Offers a broad range of coins, including rare and precious metals, suitable for both collectors and investors.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: Strong testimonials highlight their excellent customer service and quick, reliable transaction processes.
  • Educational Resources: Provides educational support to clients, helping them make informed decisions about coin investments.
  • Personalized Service: Known for their customer-centric approach, offering personalized guidance and support.


  • Regional Limitations: Primarily serves a U.S.-based clientele, which could limit options for international collectors and investors.
  • Market Dependency: The value and availability of coins can be highly susceptible to market fluctuations, which might affect inventory and pricing unpredictably.


How does National Coin Wholesalers ensure the authenticity of their coins?

National Coin Wholesalers takes the authenticity of their coins seriously. Each coin is carefully inspected and authenticated by experts before being offered for sale. The company uses advanced verification techniques and works closely with trusted sources to maintain a high standard of authenticity.

Additionally, NCW provides detailed information on the grading and certification of coins, ensuring that clients can buy with confidence knowing their purchases are genuine.

Can National Coin Wholesalers assist with the setup of a coin investment portfolio?

Yes, National Coin Wholesalers provides assistance in setting up coin investment portfolios. They offer personalized service to help clients select the right mix of coins that aligns with their investment goals, budget, and interests. NCW's experts can guide clients on the potential returns and historical performance of different coins, helping to build a diversified portfolio that balances risk and reward.

What kind of after-sale support does National Coin Wholesalers offer?

National Coin Wholesalers prides itself on offering comprehensive after-sale support. This includes providing clients with ongoing advice and updates about their coin collections and investments.

They also offer services related to the resale of coins, should clients decide to adjust their portfolios. NCW's commitment to customer service ensures that clients have access to support and guidance even after a transaction is completed.

Protect Your Retirement Savings - Without Taxes or Penalties!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, National Coin Wholesalers stands out as a reliable partner for both coin collectors and investors. Their comprehensive services, educational efforts, and customer-centric approach make them a solid choice in the coin wholesaling industry. For those looking to enhance their collections or invest in coins, NCW offers a trustworthy and satisfying experience.

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