Profile Coins and Collectibles Review

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If you're curious about where collectors find rare coins and unique treasures, Profile Coins and Collectibles might just be your next stop.

This review peels back the curtain on what makes this Franconia-based dealer a go-to for enthusiasts looking to expand their collections with U.S. coins, currency, and more, exploring everything from product selection to customer service insights.

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What to expect from this article:

  • An overview of Profile Coins and Collectibles, including their history and offerings.
  • Detailed insights into the range of products available, including special collectibles.
  • Analysis of the website's usability and the overall customer shopping experience.
  • Evaluation of the pricing structure and value for money.
  • Examination of customer service effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Summary of customer feedback and testimonials.

Company Overview

Profile Coins and Collectibles has established itself as a go-to destination for collectors of various numismatic products, providing a wide array of items that cater to both novice and seasoned collectors. 

Their offerings are extensive and include U.S. coins spanning from early historical periods to contemporary pieces, such as the Lincoln Shield cents and American Innovation dollars.

In addition to traditional coins, they also feature a broad selection of bullion products, including gold and silver coins, which attract both collectors and investors alike. This diverse product lineup ensures that every collector can find something of interest, regardless of their particular area of numismatic focus.

Product Range

Based on our firsthand experience, we can say that the product range is impressively broad and carefully curated to meet the needs of diverse collectors. For example, their inventory includes historic U.S. coinage such as Draped Bust and Seated Liberty coins, which are prized for their rich history and aesthetic appeal. Modern collectibles are also well-represented, with items like Lincoln Shield cents and American Innovation dollars providing options for those interested in more recent numismatic developments.

For bullion collectors, Profile Coins offers a variety of products, notably featuring items like the American Silver Eagles and Australian Kangaroo coins, which are available in various grades and conditions. These items not only serve as valuable collectors' pieces but also as potential investments, given their precious metal content and market demand. The availability of such a wide range of products, from historical coins to modern bullion, underscores Profile Coins' commitment to catering to the full spectrum of collecting interests and investment strategies.

Their comprehensive approach ensures that whether you are looking to add a rare piece to your collection or invest in bullion, Profile Coins provides ample options to explore, each with detailed descriptions and transparent pricing that aids in making informed decisions.

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Website Usability and Customer Experience

The Profile Coins website exemplifies clarity and simplicity in its layout, which aids in easy navigation for both novice and experienced collectors. The site's structure allows users to explore various categories such as U.S. coins, bullion, and special collectors' items without hassle. Users can quickly locate specific categories like small cents, featuring the Flying Eagle and Lincoln series, and other diverse categories ranging from ancient coins to modern commemorative issues.

Moreover, while the website provides extensive product descriptions and high-quality images that contribute positively to the user experience, there is room for improvement in interactive features such as live customer support. Current tools include standard contact forms and email communication, but adding a live chat feature could enhance immediate interaction and support, addressing customer inquiries more promptly.

Pricing and Value for Money

From what we’ve seen, Profile Coins offers competitive pricing across a broad spectrum of numismatic products. The website features a wide range of items, from affordable collectible coins starting at low prices to rare, high-value pieces, ensuring options for every budget. 

Promotions and discounts on select items are regularly updated, which provides added value for collectors looking for deals. For example, users can find various U.S. coin sets, including Presidential and Sacagawea dollar sets, at reasonable prices, reflecting market trends and collector demand.

The company also actively updates its inventory with new and diverse items, which is a significant plus for collectors looking to expand their collections with both common and unique pieces. For instance, they offer both U.S. and foreign coins, bullion in various metals, and even historical and novelty items, providing a comprehensive selection that caters to diverse collecting interests.

Customer Service and Support

At Profile Coins and Collectibles, the approach to customer service shows commitment but also reveals areas for improvement. Many customers have reported positive interactions, praising the company's responsiveness when addressing inquiries and issues.

This indicates a readiness on part of the company to uphold satisfaction, which is crucial in the collectibles market where trust and service reliability play significant roles.

However, not all experiences have been smooth. Some reports highlight delays in communication and order processing, occasionally resulting in significant inconveniences for customers. For instance, there have been situations where orders were delayed or tracking information was not provided promptly, leading to uncertainty and frustration for the buyers. 

While the company often resolves these issues, the initial delays can be off-putting and something potential customers should consider. The mixed reviews suggest that while many transactions go smoothly, there's a possibility of encountering hurdles that might require patience and follow-up. 

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Diving deeper into customer feedback for Profile Coins and Collectibles, it's clear that experiences vary widely among patrons. On one hand, many collectors have expressed high satisfaction with their purchases, often citing the quality of the coins and collectibles received.

 Such testimonials frequently applaud the company for its detailed product descriptions and accurate grading, which help customers make informed decisions.

On the flip side, some customers have faced challenges, particularly with shipping and post-purchase service. Issues such as delayed shipments or less-than-expected communication from customer service have been points of contention. While negative experiences are relatively fewer, they are still noteworthy for anyone considering using Profile Coins for their collecting needs.

It's beneficial for potential buyers to read through these testimonials to set realistic expectations. Being aware of both the praises and the pitfalls reported by previous customers can provide a more balanced view of what one might experience. Engaging cautiously, starting with smaller purchases, might be a prudent way to test the waters before making more significant investments with the company. 

Overall, while Profile Coins and Collectibles generally receives positive feedback for product quality and selection, the variability in service experiences suggests that there's room for improvement in customer relations and order management.

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Pros Cons of Profile Coins and Collectibles


  • Wide Product Range: Offers a diverse selection of U.S. coins, including historical and modern pieces, bullion, and special collectibles
  • Detailed Product Information: The website provides comprehensive descriptions and high-quality images for each product, enhancing the buyer's decision-making process 
  • Competitive Pricing: Profile Coins prices their items competitively, reflecting the fair market value and often includes discounts on various products
  • Responsive Customer Service: When issues are reported, the company has demonstrated a commitment to resolving them, providing refunds or replacements as needed.


  • Website Features: Lacks some modern website features like live chat support, which could improve customer interaction and immediate query resolution
  • Mixed Customer Reviews: There have been instances of delayed responses and issues with order fulfillment that have led to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Shipping Issues: Some customers have reported delays and problems with shipping, including long wait times for order processing and delivery.


What types of payment methods does Profile Coins and Collectibles accept?

Profile Coins and Collectibles accepts various payment methods to accommodate their customers, including major credit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers. This flexibility ensures that buyers from different financial backgrounds can comfortably shop for their collectibles and coins.

Does Profile Coins offer appraisals for coins and collectibles?

While Profile Coins and Collectibles primarily sells coins and collectibles, they do not explicitly offer appraisal services. Collectors looking for appraisals are advised to contact certified numismatic experts or appraisal services that specialize in this field to ensure they receive accurate market evaluations.

Can I return an item to Profile Coins if I'm not satisfied?

Profile Coins and Collectibles typically allows returns within a specific timeframe, subject to certain conditions such as the item's return in its original state and packaging. However, customers should review the detailed return policy on their website or contact customer service directly to understand the process and any associated fees.

How often does Profile Coins update their inventory?

Profile Coins and Collectibles frequently updates its inventory to include a variety of new and interesting items, catering to a wide range of collectors. They strive to add fresh stock regularly, which includes newly acquired coins, bullion, and special collectible items, making it worthwhile for collectors to check their offerings often.

Protect Your Retirement Savings - Without Taxes or Penalties!

Final Thoughts

Profile Coins and Collectibles offers a rich selection of numismatic items that can appeal to a wide range of collectors. While their product quality and range are commendable, potential buyers should be mindful of the mixed reviews regarding customer service and order processing. Engaging with the company for minor purchases before committing to more significant investments could be a prudent approach to ensure satisfaction.

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