Mitigating our Impacts

Mitigating our Impacts

Actively managing our impacts on communities and the environment


Six-year Livelihood Restoration Plan at Wahgnion


process water discharged at our operations


plants produced from community-owned nurseries for Sabodala reclamation 

Understanding and Mitigating our Impacts

The foundation of responsible mining is understanding the positive and negative impacts caused by our operations. Teranga undertakes environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) at all of its operations that meet national legal requirements and align with the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Performance Standards. In developing these ESIAs we consult with our stakeholders to consider and respond to their perspectives and priorities.

Ensuring Safe Tailings

 Teranga recognizes the risks related to tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and takes sufficient precautions to ensure their safety. Both the Sabodala and Wahgnion TSFs were designed based on the ANCOLD (Australian National Committee on Large Dams) guidelines, and both have corresponding TSF Operating Manuals in place. Annual independent geotechnical reviews of the TSFs are conducted by a tailings management expert

Sabodala Wahgnion Total
Tailings generated (tonnes) 4,161,457 815,431 4,976,888

Community Consultation Committee

At our Wahgnion mine, we have established a formal committee that plays a key role in making decisions around project impacts and benefits, including for the ongoing large-scale resettlement.

Closure of Gora Site

The government and Teranga have the shared goal of using the closure of Gora as a model for mine closure in Senegal.